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Leland's Life

And the Adventures Awaiting Lucian Reign

Rough Couple of Days

Filed under: Uncategorized — leland4 at 10:06 pm on Saturday, November 1, 2014

I think Lucian was receiving word from Leland on how to damage the house.  See, Leland ate his way through the downstairs carpeting, hubby’s recliner, 2 couches, and several pillows.  Well, Leland must have given Lucian pointers because he did some destruction from inside his crate.  How can this happen one may ask if the puppy is secured within a crate?  Well, in hubby’s haste to leave for work he didn’t pull Lucian’s crate out from against the wall.  Lucian’s crate is in our bedroom and ever since we’ve been putting him in we pull the crate out from the wall and angle it so he can see the TV.  We’ve always left the TV on for him when we go so he has something to hear other than dead silence.

So I suppose Lucian was not happy about being left in the corner where he couldn’t see the TV so this is what he did to the bedroom wall….



So of COURSE I have to call hubby and rub it in the dumb thing that he did and the mess Lucian made.  I’ve done several dumb things that’s costed us money to repair so of course I’m on cloud 9 because the next time hubby gets on me about something dumb I do and can bring up the wall

Also, last night we discovered that Lucian has an infection in his left ear.  We were getting out yellowish green junk.  Hubby gave him a shower Tuesday evening and I think water got down in the ear canal where I couldn’t get it with the towel.  Leland always had this problem so I would put this solution in his ear that would dry up water and it seemed to really help him.  Hubby didn’t want me putting this stuff in Lucian’s ears since we’ve been posting them.  Well, I think he’ll listen to me a little more.  We got Lucian into the vet this morning and he looked at the gunk under the microscope.  It’s full of white blood cells and bateria.  So Lucian was given a Kenalog injection (to help with inflamation within the ear from where the posting was rubbing it), Cephalexin (antibiotic), and ear drops.

So we get home and I go to give Lucian a Cephalexin pill and a little food.  As soon as he’s done eating he thows up 2 big piles of partly digested food and what I just gave him.  I’m sure the Cephalexin pill is in there some where.  So I hold off on giving him anything else.  I think the injection may have knocked him for a loop because he’s been sleeping on the couch all afternoon.  So I pull out the box that we put Leland’s meds in after he passed.  He had a few Cephalexin pills left so I could replace the one Lucian puked up.  As I’m pulling out the bottles I’m thinking about what each med was for and I start crying.  I remember how sick he was and all that we went through trying to help our boy.

Here’s a few pics I took of Lucian last night.  He seems to have glowing eyes in most…guess he was channeling the spirit of Halloween…




I really wasn’t trying to steal a knick knack to chew on.


Dad’s home…I sure hope he’s not TOO mad about the wall.  Next time don’t leave me in the corner.





November 1, 2014 @ 10:49 pm   Reply

Awww Lucian. I have several holes in carpet where
Snickers decided she was going to eat it. Nice but I guess we will make it through puppyhood eventually. I hope your ear gets better buddy.
We leave a radio on so the girls can hear it even though I work from home I keep my door shut so they don’t bark. Not old enough yet to trust running in the house unsupervised.

Michelle & Angel Sassy



November 2, 2014 @ 12:31 am   Reply

WOW…. oh Lucian…. you are so handsome, it’s hard to stay mad!

Shelby ate through my bedroom door when I tried to confine her in there. And when I put her in a crate (which she hated but was necessary after her amp), she ate the blankets in there and stupid me, had a pillow sitting on top and she chowed through that too!

Sorry about the ears! I do wonder w/Jasper’s big ears if that is an issue when I bathe her. She decided to roll in fresh sod the other night and had to have a bath because she smelled of poop! and was shaking her head all night.

Good luck! He’s keeping you on your toes for sure!
Much love,
Alison with the Spirit of Shelby fur-ever in her heart (and little jasper too)



November 2, 2014 @ 1:34 am   Reply

Haha don’t put baby in the corner lol. Lucian has grown in to a stately looking boy, and has grown in to his ears. Leland know how to pick em! These are the moments that you will always remember. It is funny how forgiving we are with our furbabies.



November 2, 2014 @ 4:30 am   Reply

GREAT line LAURIE..”Don’t put Baby in a corner!’:-)

Sahana, first of all, Lucian is just stunning, absolutely exquisite! I think we’ve all used the word Regal often..

I know seeing Leland’s meds can bring a rush of sadness snd grief all over again. Actually, soooooo many things can do that. But @eave it to Leland to make sure he left some pills for his buddy Lucuan!
Now, about dumb husbands! They’re men…that explains it all!!
I REALLY think you ought to put a frame around Lucian’s ARTWORK and keep it on your wall with the date! I think it will bring you smiles in years to come!

Thanks for the post and pocs Sahana. LOVE following Lucian’s journey…especially the mischievous puppyhood part!

Hugs and Love!!
Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!



November 2, 2014 @ 4:41 pm   Reply

Aren’t puppies just a blast? My 9 month old Hank will eat the baseboard or a cushion when left alone. He’s in a crate at night and is pretty good in there. During the day when I’m at work he’s out in a big fenced yard with a house but if I put a blanket in the house he will drag it out and tear it up. Lucian is very handsome and I bet in no time will start acting like a grownup (I hope).



November 4, 2014 @ 2:02 pm   Reply

Ohhhh crazy puppy! I think our Wyatt Ray was sending you messages too, he’s done some crazy stunts from his crate as well. DON’T LISTEN TO HIM!!!

Hope your ear is feeling better.

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