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Update on visit with the vet

Filed under: Uncategorized — leland4 at 5:56 pm on Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The vet called me yesterday to let me know about Leland’s blood work.  As luck would have it I was outside with Leland during my lunch hour for his potty time so I didn’t have pen and paper to write everything down.  The gist was:

1) Red Blood cell count- ok

2) White Blood cell count- up

3) Liver enzymes- up (possible from surgeries and meds)

4) Thyroid- 2.9 (I don’t know if that’s good or bad)

5) Iron- low

The vet suspects Leland may be dealing with an auto-immune disorder (typical with weight loss in the head and Dobies as a breed.  I guess I’ll have to start researching this topic).  He discontinued the Thyrozine, put him on Prednisone, an anti-biotic (to help ward off Leland getting an infection while on the Prednisone), and iron supplements (giving him 2 pills a day).

The vet wants to see Leland in 2 weeks to run the blood work again to see where things are.  He said we’ll need to transition him off the Prednisone to something else that he can be on longer term if his numbers have improved.

I’ve always heard that Prednisone increases a person’s appetite so since the vet wants him on this for now hopefully this will kick start his eating.  Both my husband and I don’t think he looks too healthy right now with the drastic weight loss.  We think if we can get him to stabilize at 85 lbs that would probably be a good weight for him.  He had his first dose of the Prednisone last night and this morning he ate all his breakfast…hopefully this is a good sign.

Also, yesterday was the first day since we brought him home that he’s been left without a doggy sitter (my grandmother).  I worried about him all morning until I went home at lunch to let him out and saw him kicked back and relaxing on the mattress that we’ve moved to our upstairs living room.  Since he’s figured out how to get up on his own and move about the house following the runners he seems to be doing ok.  I’m so proud of what he’s accomplished in 3 short weeks and can’t wait to see the progress he makes in the future!




June 24, 2014 @ 10:24 pm   Reply

Gosh Leland! I’m just now catching up and went back and reviewed your blogs AND wonderful pictures! You are so very, very handsome! Truly a charming boy!

Yeah, sounds like all the bloodwork is looking good! Meds can definitely effect the liver readings so that should clear up.

It’s still very early in recovery——even though it seems lik it’s taking forever!

Pred. can definitely be a “good” drug sometimes, that’s for sure. You should see Leland’s appetite pick up pretty good in another day or two. Sounds like it already has! It may, or may not, make him thirsty, so don’t let that alarm you at all.

Leland clearly is a very loved boy and he knows it too! Continue to stay in the present with him and not worry about anything….Leland sure isn’t worried! Loving and spoiling…..yep…..he’s enjoying his life just fine!

Sending lots of hugs to all and a bit of celebration chocolate for good test results!

Sally and Happy Hannah



June 26, 2014 @ 7:29 pm   Reply

Hey guys I’m just now catching up on things. I have no idea what this could be but I’ll put this out there and see if anyone has any experience with auto immune conditions in Dobies.

Meantime, I’m glad to hear your vet is on top of this, it sure sounds like he’s getting great care. The pred will help, you’ll see. In no time at all he’ll be making even more progress. Stay strong and know that you’ll get there.

We’re cheering you on here. Keep us posted.

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