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Leland's Life

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My What Ears You Are Going to Have

Filed under: Uncategorized — leland4 at 5:18 pm on Tuesday, August 19, 2014

We got our first real look at what Lucian’s ears are going to look like when they stand.  Boy they are HUGE!!

Jasper Lily I think Lucian could give you a run for the money on tall ears…lol.

Leland’s ears were cut differently and were a tad shorter than Lucian’s.  I sure hope the rest of him grows into those ears!  My step-son thought he looked like a Gremlin off that movie back in the 80’s…which I guess I can see with those ears.

And for some reason he felt like carrying around the bowl of water I brought out for him.  It was the cutest thing because he didn’t want to put the bowl down but didn’t understand why water kept getting on him.  Oh to be a puppy!










August 19, 2014 @ 10:11 pm   Reply

Oh, my……..what a precious pup he is !!!!! And yes, Gremlim ears for sure !! This will be one of his endearing qualities as a growing pup…..all legs and ears!! He is a very handsome Dobie, I just want to kiss his nose!! You are right, puppies are the best !!

Bonnie & Angel Polly



August 19, 2014 @ 10:34 pm   Reply

OMD!!!!! Sorry Lucian, but I am’m laughing out loud over here…trul out loud!!!
These are THE cutuest pics of your “puppyhood”! You are overloaded with cuteness! But underneath all that “adorable ness” is a very, very handsome boy!

And those huge paws!!! Y o u do have a lot of “appendages” to grow into Lucian Reign!!

Pup p ies are so cute in their…well…their dumbness! Like carrying the water bowl and not figuring out why they are getting wet! When Myrtle wants me to play “tug a stuffy” with her…she pushes it into me..then I back up so I can pull it..and she jusT keeps steping forward pushing it towards .e rather than pulling. Puppy dumb is adorable!

How.much does Lucian weigh? I think he’s gonna be a big boy!

Thanks for.the smiles!!!

Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!



    August 20, 2014 @ 12:49 pm   Reply

    When we took him to the vet on 8/9/14 he was 24 lbs at 12 weeks. Each week that goes by it’s getting a little harder to pick him up. Right now he loves sitting on my lap on the back deck to look out over the railing. He goes to the chair climbs up in it and then jumps down (I think that’s my hint to sit down and pick him up) and then I sit and he comes back and wants in my lap.

    Lord help me if he wants to continue this little ritual when he’s bigger….that would definitely be a picture.



August 19, 2014 @ 11:55 pm   Reply

Lucian is a true beauty. Funny how different their personalities are. Enjoy him…you deserve it!



August 20, 2014 @ 12:47 am   Reply

Wow Lucian. All I can think of is “Grandma what big ears you have” LOL. Sorry but that was the 1st thing that popped into my head.

He is beautiful and in time those ears won’t look so big.
He is very cute and puppies do the silliest things. It brings a little more joy into our lives one thing at a time.

Hugs to you
Michelle & Angel Sassy



August 20, 2014 @ 1:48 am   Reply

WHOAH!!! Those ARE some serious ears! I think Lucian definitely beats Jasper Lily in the ‘freakishly large ear department”.

I had no idea dobie ears didn’t stand on their own. As adorable as he is, I do wonder if the rest of him will grow into those ears. At least he has no excuse for not hearing you when you call him!

Love, love, LOVE!!!

Alison with the Spirit of Shelby (and little Jasper too)



August 20, 2014 @ 4:23 pm   Reply

WOW! Biggest. Flying. Ears. EVER!!!! So freeking cute!!!

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